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War of 1812 Essay - 825 Words

War of 1812 (Essay Sample) Content: War of 1812NameInstitutionDatePeriod of the WarThe War of 1812 was a military battle between the US and the Great Britain allies. The war took place in three different theatres, in the sea, land, the American South and Gulf Coast. It is apparent that Britains trade restrictions, the harassment of American trade sailors and disgrace over insults to national respect were the major causes of the war. The inception of the war between 1812 and 1813 was precipitated by an attack on Canada to conquer it as a colony of the US (Hickey, 2012). The British military experience enabled them to triumph over the untried American commanders. The actual origins of the War of 1812 were in the battle that stormed Europe after Napoleon Bonaparte. As a result, these Napoleonic Wars triggered Great Britain to implement measures that provoked the US. In 1806, Napoleon ordered a barricade of shipment aimed at destroying British trade. He also commanded that neutral and French ships would be detained if they docked at the British port (Hickey, 2012). The Great Britain also responded by issuing orders requiring all neutral ships to acquire a license before sailing to Europe. This caused tension between the two countries, leading to sea conquests. For instance, in 1807, the British soldiers boarded an American ship (Chesapeake) and seized the sailors (Tucker, et al, 2012). This action of impressing the American sailors caused further tension and disputes over maritime rights. In 1812, a key decisive moment in the Chesapeake operation occurred when US forces wreaked heavy casualties on the British. This forced the British to withdraw their hopes of seizing Baltimore (Tucker, et al, 2012). The war was fought on land, Gulf and sea theatres with the Americans announcing combat on the Great Britain and its allies. Consequently, the Americans could not match the experienced British soldiers who had superior resources and skills than they possessed. Literature during the war Per iodDuring that war period, businesses along the coast were affected and casualties reported in all countries. The high migration of people in various parts of the countries resulted in social interaction and exchange of literary ideas. The delivery of Puritan cultural models and the founding of schools in the colonies after the war promoted literature. This is because of the dominance of the English language spoken by the Americans, Britons and Canadians (Tucker, et al, 2012). The Revolutionary period was stimulated by propaganda in an attempt to destabilize the enemies. The military personnel dispatched letters through the sailors to reach the other opponents concerning new maritime orders (Hickey, 2012). As a result, with the War of 1812 and a growing aspiration to create uniquely American and British literature and philosophy, new literary personalities emerged. Literature was not advanced because of the limited exposure of the sailors who navigated through the waters. Conversely , the war saw the establishment of production houses that published books and other literary materials. The war of 1812 was an introduction to trade and social ties between America and Europe in which the governments resolved to have mutual partnership relationships (Hickey, 2012). The spread of literature and arts facilitated the realization of peaceful ties between 1813 and 1815 when the sailors used the sea without restrictions. This means that literature was instrumental in establishing the peaceful measures of collaborating for the sake of unity and independence of states. The historical update of events emerged due to the establishment of literature in that period. The scholars kept messages and information that caused friction between the warring parties (Tucker, et al, 2012).How the War affected LiteratureThe resultant consequences of wars normally contribute to destructions and damages of assets. The war of 1812 led to the destruction of literature materials transported fro m Europe to America and vice versa. The soldiers damaged the vessels carrying the materials when searching for sailors to be impressed. The war affected literature for it led to the killing of scholars and other civilians (Hickey, 2012). This resulted in the slow pace of literatu...

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Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized - 1411 Words

Why Prostitution should be legalized We hear about it in the news almost daily; sex workers were using Craigslist to post ads in the (former) erotic service section, others are soliciting on Back Page. Human trafficking rings are being discovered all throughout the United States. Massage parlors are being used as a front for housing prostitution. Whether we want to address it or not, this is a prevalent social issue in our society today. Researchers Christine Harcourt, PhD, Research Fellow for the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology Clinical Research at the University of New South Wales, and Basil Donovan, MD, Professor of Sexual Health at National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research of the University of New South Wales, have even identified up to twenty-five different setting types of sex work. Hilary L. Surratt a PhD of Associate Scientist for the Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of Delaware, wrote: In contrast to popular thinking, female sex work ers are an extremely heterogeneous population. They are situated in a myriad of social and environmental contexts† Past and current studies suggest that there are many different types of female sex workers, including call girls and escorts working in the upper echelons of the sex industry, in-house sex workers working in parlors or brothels, street-walkers who sell sex for money through sidewalk solicitations, part-timers who supplement their incomes with sex-for-pay, andShow MoreRelatedThe Pros And Cons Of Prostitution767 Words   |  4 Pagesthem. Prostitutes are members of society as well and so they should also be given the same as everyone else. Yes, a prostitute’s idea of doing what is best is selling their body, but it is just that, their body. They have every right to what is theirs and so how can that be considered an illegal act? A women named Margo St. James put forward The American Prostitutes Rights Movement. This movements goal was to decriminalize prostitution and free women in their sexual roles. The union of women recognizedRead More Prostitution Should Be Legalized in Our Society1260 Words   |  5 PagesHow about prostitute? Although some people might think that prostitution is dirty job, prostitution is also one of the important jobs which are composing our society. Devaluation on prostitute recognition should be changed. This essay deals with reasons why prostitution should be allowed and what are the advantages of prostitution. First reason that prostitution should be legalized is for women’s right. As upper mentioned, prostitution is a kind of occupations. According to research among the womenRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1406 Words   |  6 PagesProstitution is one of the largest controversial issue facing the United States. The definition of prostitution, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is the act or practice of engaging in sexual relations especially for the money. Prostitution has been constantly bashed by the media and is currently legal in only one state. In this state, only one county has banned prostitution. Why is it illegal? What is wrong with prostitution that has made it illegal? These are the important questions thatRead More Prostitution Should be Legalized Essay560 Words   |  3 PagesProstitution Should be Legalized I think that prostitution should be legalized because it is no different than any other service that we pay to receive. Besides, there are far more serious crimes that require the full attention of our police force than prostitution; therefore, policing it is a costly waste of time and police resources. Furthermore, prostitution is already legal in Singapore, Denmark, and a part of the United States as well. In this Essay, I will discuss these ideas;Read MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized? Essay724 Words   |  3 PagesShould prostitution be legalized? There are many reasons why prostitution should be legalized because it will have many positive effects. Legalizing prostitution would reduce crime, improve public health, increase tax revenue, help people out of poverty, get prostitutes off the streets, and allow adults to make their own choices. People say that prostitution is a victimless crime, especially in the 11 Nevada counties where it remains legal. There are wa ys that prostitution can be fixed to help theRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1725 Words   |  7 PagesProstitution Should Be Legalized Some say prostitution is the world s oldest profession. Yet, only a small percentage of the world’s government allows it. The legalization of prostitution is a very controversial topic due to many people’s moral beliefs. Prostitutes all over the world are treated as outcasts. A reason for people to be against prostitution could be due to their religious beliefs, moral standpoints, or lack of knowledge over the subject. Many religions state that sex outside of marriageRead MoreProstitution : Prostitution And Prostitution1169 Words   |  5 PagesProstitution is illegal in the United States, except for some counties in Nevada. However, prostitution is in most part of the United States, despite the fact that it has been legalized. Prostitution is an act whereby, one sells his/her body for sex. In the United States, Prostitution is divided into three broad categories; street, escort, and brothel prostitution. Brothel prostitution takes place in brothel houses, which are h ouses where prostitutes can sell sexual services. This kind of prostitutionRead MoreAdvantages of Legalizing Prostitution1749 Words   |  7 PagesProstitution is known as the oldest profession and has been around for millenniums, dating back to Roman, Byzantine, Greek and Egyptian empires (Baldwin, 2004). The ancient cultures of those empires dealt with the needs of the group and consequently developed protocols for dealing with sexual relations that have propagated throughout time to the modern era. As a result, prostitution is prominent in society today. When analyzing the sex trade, the factors of cultural precedence, philosophy, religionRead MoreThree Reasons Why Prostituiton Should Not Be Leagalized in China1758 Words   |  7 Pages   As one of the oldest jobs, prostitution has a long history to be repeatedly decriminalized and internalized by different countries. In Sumerian Records, the earliest record established in 2400 BC, prostitution had been legalize d and supported by government. Same as most countries in this era, government founded brothels established in ancient China, ancient Greece, ancient Roman and so on. Codex Theodosianus established in 438 AD, legalized prostitution and at the same time, asking for taxesRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Legalized?1596 Words   |  7 PagesProstitution is known to be one of the oldest professions in history, although it is now illegal. â€Å"In the United States, prostitution was at best sporadically controlled until passage of the federal Mann Act (1910), which prohibited interstate transportation of women for â€Å"immoral purposes.† â€Å" (Jenkins) If caught in the act of buying or selling sex, there is a tremendous price to pay and a great amount of time to be sent to jail and convicted for the activity. If they legalized prostitution it would

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A Particular Leadership and Character Building Experience

A particular leadership and character building experience I would like to highlight is my 5-year participation in the Southwestern Company Sales Program while in college from age 16 through 20. As Independent Dealer and Student Manager, I successfully surmounted the obstacles distinctive of the program such as selling door to door; organizing my own business; working at least 75 hr. a week every week of the summer; recruiting, training and motivating my own team; and, at the same time, overcoming the language and cultural barriers. The obstacles I had to face at the age of eighteen were so difficult that very few people in the company thought I would overcome them. But, I proved them wrong, and in recognition of my achievements, I received awards such as: the â€Å"Sizzlers Trip Award†, granted to student dealers with high level of sales during all summer; the â€Å"I Wanna Win Award†, won as a result of the level of sales during the last two weeks of the summer;  "The Presidents Recommendation Award†, won for recruiting, motivating and training the largest Mexican Group in the 100 plus Company ´s at age 19; further awards such as â€Å"The Salesman Ship Award†, â€Å"The Gold Seal Award†, membership in â€Å"The Presidents Club† and other recognitions. The experience of selecting, training and organizing the group in Mexico and preparing them to travel and work for a summer in the U.S. was very challenging. I had to organize meetings with more than a hundred university students, interview themShow MoreRelatedThe Five Dysfunctions Of A Team: A Leadership Fable By1395 Words   |  6 Pages The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni is a realistic fictional story that focuses on a real-world scenario focused on the importance of team building skills. In the story, a relatively young, yet successful company recruited a new CEO. Recently the company was falling into decline, apparently by the dysfunctions of the executive team. The story followed the CEO in her efforts to unite the team in an attempt to encourage increased productivity and most importantlyRead MoreSelf Assessment And Critical Reflection1320 Words   |  6 Pagesthings through my work experience that will not only provide me with valuable, transferrable, resume skills, but also skills such as character growth due to the challenges I’ve faced in my work positions. Through self-assessment and critical reflection, I can truly appreciate some of the undervalued tools I’ve acquired through my work experience. I’ve learned that character consists of learned behavior, and you can build it throughout your life. The wonderful thing about character is that it is one ofRead MoreHow Technology Is The Future State Of Health Information Management1591 Words   |  7 Pagesbeen a satisfying experience for me to formulate a plan, allocate resources, and take charge of the change process. Additionally, it has been a welcomed challenge to g enerate enthusiasm for change by sharing my ideas and vision and acting as role model. Technology is the future and learning to adapt to changes and challenges in a field that is being shaped by technology is critical to stay relevant in my field. Conclusion I’ve learned many things through my work experience that will not onlyRead MorePresidents Of Washington And Lincoln1389 Words   |  6 PagesEvery four years, for decades and decades, U.S. citizens have been faced with the challenge of deciding which presidential candidate they’ll vote for. Sometimes presidents with severe deficiencies in character have been elected, sometimes others lacking leadership skills and the ability to tackle the problems and difficulties posed by the presidency. However, there have also been some presidents who, though not without their flaws, have remained as a model of an ideal president to many people. WashingtonRead MoreEssay on My Leadership Philosophy for Student Leadership1009 Words   |  5 Pagesneed. This type of leadership is typically known as â€Å"situational leadership,† where the key concept is every situation is different, so each situation requires a specific, unique leader. For a person to be a great leader, one do es not have to necessarily assume a â€Å"bossy† persona, which is stereotypically characterized with all leaders, but being a leader based on listening. Being this background leader is known to many as, â€Å"servant leadership.† Servant and situational leadership is how I can characterizeRead MoreAnalysis Of Resilient Leaders1353 Words   |  6 Pages Resilient Leaders Christine Bowman, Terrance Beard, Katharine Balich, Eduardo Barnet, Andrew Beasley Liberty University Resilient Leaders Organizations and their leadership teams collectively, must possess the means of making a major impact on many consumer markets around the world. Regardless of the size, these two elements set the tone for many consumer lifestyles. For organizations and leaders being in sync with one another, they must form a bond that encompasses their abilityRead MoreThe Mission Of Siena Heights University1083 Words   |  5 Pages). The concepts of leadership, â€Å"to assist people to become more competent, purposeful, and ethical,† (Mission and vision, n.d.), fit within the mission of Siena Heights University because the institution fosters the growth of leaders by incorporating skills outside of the classroom. Educators have long known that a significant portion of student learning in college occurs outside the classroom and that faculty-student interaction is an important part of the college experience. (Cox, B. E., OrehovecRead MoreImproving The Noncommissioned Officers Leadership1443 Words   |  6 PagesImproving the Noncommissioned Officers Leadership Since birth, there is an exposition of the human being to different types of Leadership. From mother emanates a sort of gentle Leadership, where she is constantly protecting her offspring, and preventing it from danger. She is capable of precluding her offspring from getting harm or maybe having singular experiences just to make it feel safe. The mother will support her offspring on each decision they make, even the dumbest ones. From fatherRead MoreReflection Paper On Leadership1552 Words   |  7 PagesMy first lesson in leadership was immediately after my start in the military. As a brand-new lieutenant, I had been assigned a relatively-new airman who was popular with the members of the unit, but with a less-than-stellar track record. Prior to that assignment, I thought leadership was easy. Eventually, I had to make a very difficult and equally out-of-favor leadership recommendation. The squadron commander stood by me, advising but allowing me the freedom to choose make the r ight, and most ethicalRead MoreThe Model Of Emergent Leadership959 Words   |  4 PagesBielski: The Model of Emergent Leadership Have you ever been in a situation where you had to take charge, and take on leadership roles in a short period of time? Some people may say that not everyone can be leader. Some also believe that leaders are born with the necessary qualities, which make them successful as a leader. Others believe that leadership, like many other character traits, can be learned and developed through life. The debate depends on how you define leadership, if you ask me. A leader

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Chaucer Opens His Poem - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 2158 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/07/29 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Canterbury Tales Essay Did you like this example? The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer is a satire written about the corruption of the citizens, specifically the clergy, during fourteenth-century England. Chaucer opens his poem with a General Prologue, in which he introduces thirty pilgrims, including Chaucer the Pilgrim, who represent every social class, except royalty and serfs, and their pilgrimage from the Tabard Inn in Southwark to Saint Thomas Beckets shrine in Canterbury. Before they depart from the Tabard Inn, the Host of the Inn, Harry Bailly, proposes a tale-telling contest to prevent bordom on a journey that will take several weeks. The rules for the contest are simple: Each pilgrim must tell two tales on the way to the shrine and two tales on the return for a total of four tales. Whoever tells the most entertaining and moral tale will win the prize of a meal at the Tabard Inn courtesy of the other pilgrims when they return. Baillys tale-telling contest helps develop Chaucers use of frame narrative. The outer frame of the story is the pilgrimage to Canterbury while the inner frame is the pilgrims tales. The Canterbury Tales was intended to have had 120 individual tales within one overarching story, but Chaucer died before he could finish, completing only twenty-two tales and two fragmented tales. Geoffrey Chaucers The Canterbury Tales is still studied today because of his uncanny ability to match tale to teller, a quality which is demonstrated in the first to tell a tale, the Knight. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Chaucer Opens His Poem" essay for you Create order The first pilgrim Chaucer introduces in the General Prologue is the noble and strong Knight, one of the few characters Chaucer does not satirize because The Knight is often called one of the ?ideal pilgrims (Calabrese 2). In his description of the Knight, Chaucer describes the fifteen mortal battles [in which] he had been (GP 4), which Chaucer dwells upon at length . . . before relating a single detail of his appearance (Martin 54). Chaucer purposefully focuses on the Knights achievements, rather than his physical appearance, because the Knights actions and achievements enable the reader to develop a picture in his or her mind of the Knights true appearance without being told. Chaucer mentions only He wore a fustian tunic stained and dark / With smudges where his armour left mark; / Just home from service, he had joined our ranks (GP 5). This short descriptor highlights the Knights dedication and strong faith because he joins the pilgrimage directly from a battle. The Knights character is described in much detail, exemplifying Truth, honour, generousness and courtesy (4). The Knights noble qualities are described in order to demonstrate that the way in which the Knights portrait contrasts to those of the other pilgrims is in its focus on moral attributes rather than on physical appearance (Rossignol 198). The Knights noble personality is representative of the nobility of his profession as a knight. During the fourteenth century, knights were depicted as mounted warriors, covered in armor, wielding their swords and lances. However, being a knight required many years of dedication and training, not only in warrior skills but also in nobility skills. The process of becoming a knight started when a young boy reached the age of about seven, when he became a page. The page then gained more skill and became a squire, who, when he reached the age of twenty-one, was dubbed a knight by a royal or a high ranking knight. During training, he learned to fight properly, be noble and just, which included Christian values. However, not anybody could become a knight; a candidate for knighthood had to possess monetary means because being a knight came with its expenses. A knight had to pay for armor, weapons, and servants, all costing valuable money, but one of the greatest expenses was good war horses [that] could cost over 100 (Calabrese 7). The high cost meant only a noble could be a knight; therefore, Chaucers knight must be in the nobility. A main aspect of knighthood was religion. During the fourteenth century, many of the knights fought in the Crusades against the Muslims for control over the Holy Lands. Many knights believed they were soldiers of Christ (8) who stopped at nothing to achieve their goal of spreading Christianity. Others used the Crusades as an outlet of violence and left a trail of destruction. Chaucers Knight, who participated in many Crusades, is believed to have had good intentions which lead readers to believe the Crusading spirit was still alive (10). Based on the importance o f knights in medieval society, readers can infer that the Knight is a chivalrous, well-respected, wealthy noble, who fought in many Crusades, aspects that will be represented in the Knights Tale. As the first pilgrim to tell a tale, the Knight opens the contest with a chivalric romance about two Greek princes, Arcite and Palamon, and their quest for the love of the fair and beautiful Emily. Tales of adventuring knights, love and courtly manners made chivalric romance popular among the aristocracy in fourteenth-century England. The themes of nobility, love, suffering, valor and courtesy (Rossignol 201) were common themes in the literature and the lives of the upper class. The Knight, inspired by the tales he heard, uses his influence to demonstrate to the other pilgrims how to live by the chivalric code of honor (203). As Knight is inspired by tales of chivilaric romance, Chaucer is inspired by Boccaccios Teseida delle nozze dEmelia. The Teseida by the Italian writer Boccaccio was written about 1340, approximately fifty years before Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales. The two poems consist of the same characters, themes, and main plots points. The original poem of Palamon and Arcite included about 10,000 lines, causing Chaucer to make the changes and [reduce] the immense length of the Teseida to roughly a quarter of its size (Salter 155). Chaucer rewrote Boccaccios poem not only to shorten it but also to create changes in order to reflect medieval life. Chaucer made Arcite and Palamon imitate knightly figures, dress in medieval clothing, and compete in the medieval activities such as tournaments, all of which were not present during Ancient Greece. Even the language that Arcite and Palamon use is realistically depicting the virile, masculine medieval world in which [the Knight] lived (Stevens 134). By having Arcite and Palamon represent noble, fierce and strong knights, the reflection of the Knights character is able to shine through them. The different depictions of battle, whether between the Athenians and the Thebans or Palamon and Arcite, reflect the Crusades in which the Knight participated. His fierceness in battle is shown through comparing the Greek princes to animal. Chaucer describes Palamon as a lion fighting-mad with rage, / Arcite a cruel tiger (KnT 47). The battles throughout the poem not only showcase the Knight in battle but also reveal to the readers the Knights opinion on war. The Knight has experienced many of the joys, as well the horrific devastation war can bring. Michael A. Calabrese states that The Knights Tale is a reflection of the Knights Crusades because the poem suggests that battle and violence sometimes bring success, . . . but sometimes violence brings disaster (12). Arcite and Palamon show the Knights noblity in action, but they unveil his character as a well-rounded chivalrous person. Palamon is made to represent the purer motives, (Stevens 154) while Arcite represents the worldly man of action (154). A knight in medieval society needs to represent the noble and passionate values of Palamon while also having the determined and just values of Arcite. By having both of their personalities, Chaucer creates the idealistic knight. Chaucer not only changes Boccaccios work to reflect the knight in medieval life but also adds Boethius philosophical ideas from Consolation of Philosophy in order to create more philosophical themes in The Knights Tale (Salter 159). As Chaucer began to translate Boethius Consolation of Philosophy into Middle English, he realized that with a few small changes, he would be able to apply Boethius ideas to the theme of suffering in The Knights Tale. However, as Salter notes, even the smallest change is full of significance (158). This small change is shown through Chaucers emphasis on the causes and effect of human suffering, a theme not prominent in Teseida. Both Arcite and Palamon experience suffering and pain when they are imprisoned and not able to express their love to Emily. A new depth to suffering is explored after Arcite is freed from prison but banned from staying in Athens and seeing his dear Emily. He becomes so distraught that There never was a man so woe-begone, / Nor is, nor shall be while the the world goes on (Chaucer, KnT 39). Arcite cannot imagine suffering becoming worse, but it does so after Arcite dies and Palamon and Emily must learn to live with his death although Passing all in weeping, Emil y / was the most sorrowful of the company (80). The sorrow they feel only strengthens, but at his speech at the end of the poem, Duke Theseus puts into words the underlying theme of suffering. He states, ?For every man will parish, king and page, / / For all must die and there is none comes back (84). Suffering and death are all around the heroes, who cannot escape it, but he also states, ?that after grief there should be bliss (85). Theseus words relate directly to the Boethian philosophy that change (including death) is a necessary feature of universe, and that the two people who are left behind should stop mourning over what they cannot change and make the best of what is left to them (Rossignol 203). Emily and Palamon follow this advice, and The Knights Tale concludes with the couple married. The theme of suffering is present in the Knights life through the countless battles he fought through. However, the Knight cannot dwell on the misery and destruction of the past; he must accept them and continue his life trying to find ne w joys. Chaucer also uses Boethius philosophies with the use of religion. The Boethian idea that the course of ones life is determined by fate is another prominent theme, but Chaucer easily incorporates it with his use of the pagan gods of Venus, the goddess of love, and Mars, the god of war. When Arcite and Palamon are preparing for the tournament to win Emilys love, they pray at the temples of Mars and Venus, respectively. As their prayers are heard, Immediately an uproar was begun / Over this granted boon in Heaven above (Chaucer, KnT 68), between Venus, sponsored by forces quite as deadly as those appropriate to Mars (Salter 175) and Mars, who operates without pain for humanity (175). The dispute is resolved when Saturn decides Venus will win. The decision of the gods has a fatal effect on Arcite as Venus is responsible for sending an infernal fury to cause Arcitas horse to throw him (176). Arcites winning of the tournament has no effect on his fate because the will of the gods trumps the actions of the characters. This ruthlessness of divine determina tion (177) is included not merely to feature the theme of fate but also to create a Christian theme in The Knights Tale. Christianity was very important to medieval knights, so elements of Christianity are prevalent in The Knights Tale. The critic Carl Curtis believes that the Tale highlights the faults in pagan gods because although Arcite is an honest and just man; the rivalry between the gods, not his own actions, is the cause of his downfall. The Tale is meant to show that noble people, deserve better gods (par. 28), with the better gods being the Christian God. Although Christianity did not exist during the time of the ancient Greeks, readers can infer Chaucer was referring to the Christian God by the use of Biblical references throughout the Tale. One of the earliest examples of a Biblical analogy occurs when Palamon and Arcite first see Emily from their prison cell as Arcite declares, ?The freshness of her beauty strikes me dead (Chaucer, KnT 33). The scene has uncanny resemblance to the scene when David first sees Bathsheba in the the Second Book of Samuel in the Bible. Both David and Arcite look down from on high at a women below them whose beauty fully captivates them and yet who is completely ignorant of their gaze (Curtis par. 4). Their love for the woman they desire leads to both of their downfalls. Chaucer makes another Biblical reference when he has Saturn say, I slew Samson when he shook the pillar (KnT 69). The mentioning of Samson from the Book of Judges in the Bible suggests that the pagan gods have control over fate, but Chaucer included the Biblical reference to have the readers ponder their own religion and their own merciful and loving Christian God compared to the pagan gods often violent and controlling outbreaks. References to Biblical text coincide with the Knight as the speaker of the Tale. The Knight is a devout Christian, so any tale the Knight tells will predictably include a religious aspect. Chaucer is able to represent many aspects of the Knights character through the use of chivalric and romantic elements throughout The Knights Tale.

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Analysis Of The Poem We Wear The Mask By Paul Laurence...

Hiding Emotions for Survival Everybody has experienced emotions. Everyone at one point or another in life have hid from emotions; by putting on a false expression to mask the feeling of embarrassment, shame, pain or fear. Like the saying goes, â€Å"Don’t judge a book by its cover† by Bo Diddley. Don’t assume the happy, jubilant, joyous expressions that someone is expressing is real. Emotions are part of everyday life, but not everyone feels the need to express themselves honestly. In the poem â€Å"We Wear the Mask† by Paul Laurence Dunbar, the mask symbolizes the imaginary wall slaves hide behind for survival. Although, the slaves are unhappy, they feel the need to smile and act accordingly. The military teaches their men and women how to keep their emotions under control; to prepare them for combat, possible capture, or the loss of a soldier. Although hiding emotions and expressions may sound brutal, being expressionless is necessary in order to survive. In the 19th Century, men who went to war were not prepared for the horrors of death. Most went to fight for their country, however, they were not prepared for the outcome and failed to see that war brings death, injuries, and psychological upset. Many men sat down their guns and gave up; hoping for a surrender. Today the military trains their men to be mentally prepared for the upsets of war. PST or Psychological Skills Training is common in just about all military training forums. This training is to help the men andShow MoreRelated Analysis of We Wear the Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar Essay1345 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of We Wear the Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar â€Å"We Wear the Mask† by Paul Laurence Dunbar is a renowned piece of literature that has been the subject of various literary criticisms over the years. Because of the poem’s indirectness and generalized ambiguity, the interpretation of the â€Å"we† that wears the â€Å"mask† and why they do so is left unanimously undisclosed. It is up to the interpreter and the support given by the interpreter to produce a valid representation of the meaning thatRead MoreThe Language of the Black Condition and All Conditions: Paul Laurence Dunbar’s â€Å"We Wear the Mask†984 Words   |  4 PagesPaul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, â€Å"We Wear The Mask† cleverly talks of the black condition in a language so universal that it could apply to any race of people that tries to hide their emotions from the world in order to survive. Dunbar argues for the reality of the black man’s plight in America, the black mans struggle for equality in the world, and the struggle for peace within. These are circumstances of the poet’s life that influenced his writing of the poem. PARAGRAPH 2: Background informationRead MoreEssay about We Wear the Mask 1518 Words   |  7 PagesPaul Laurence Dunbar, dispatches the cold troubles of African Americans in the lyrical poem, We Wear the Mask. In this poem, Dunbar links imagery, rhythm, rhyme, and word choice to in order to institute a connection to the reader. From reading the poem, one can infer that Mr. Dunbar is speaking in general, of the misery that many people keep concealed under a grin that they wear very well. But if one were to go further and take the time to research Mr. Dunbar’s selection of this piece and the eraRead MoreShadows On The Skin : A Study Of Dually Randall And Paul Laurence Dunbar957 Words   |  4 PagesStudy of Dually Randall and Paul Laurence Dunbar Dually Randall and Paul Laurence Dunbar are two African American writers living during the early twentieth century. These men did not know each other, however, they both encountered the same hardship of being an African American living before the civil rights movement. Both men use poems that emphasize sound, structure and imagery to express what they experienced during that harsh time. A careful analysis of â€Å"We Wear the Mask† and â€Å"Ballad of Birmingham†Read MoreWe Wear The Mask By Paul Laurence Dunbar925 Words   |  4 PagesCaptivating many readers since 1895, Paul Laurence Dunbar’s spectacular poem, We Wear the Mask, contains a central valid argumentative point of which many disagree. Many critics believe that Dunbar was particularly writing to slaves or to African Americans who had experienced racism as if this race of people are the only ones who put on masks in front of others. However, Dunbar’s poems should be seen as one written for a universal audience because the poem can apply to anyone who has ever feltRead MoreI m Nobody ! Who Are You?1197 Words   |  5 Pageswhat the poet is listening and to share what the poet is going through. The two poems â€Å"I’m Nobody! Who are You?† by Emily Dickinson, and â€Å"We Wear the Mask† by Paul Laurence Dunbar are two classical works of poetry. While Dunbar shares agonizing experience of an entire community, Dickinson shares her thoughts about individual characteristic and personality; in fact, she cleverly wins the case of an introvert. Both these poems are independent of each other in terms of thought as well as from literary perspectiveRead MoreAnalysis Of Paul Laurence Dunbar s The Elevator Boy Poet 1654 Words   |  7 Pageswas born. Paul Laurence Dunbar was one of the first African American poets to gain national recognition. (poets) Dunbar graduated high school around the time where racial discrimination was at it’s all time high, so they were not many jobs for the African American race. Due to the lack of occupation Dunbar was forced to be an elevator operator in a Dayton hotel. Although the circumstances were difficult it did not stop Dunbar from succeeding. While working as an elevator operator, Dunbar was ableRead MoreMaya Angelou’s Unique Self Essay2562 Words   |  11 Pagesand answered there. Heroes and bogey men, values and dislikes, are first encountered and labeled in that early environment. In later years they change faces, places, and maybe races, tactics, intensities and goals, but beneath those penetrable masks they wear forever the stocking-capped faces of childhood (Angelou, 2009, p.20). In Maya Angelou’s autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, she recounts her early years as a young girl growing up in Stamps, Arkansas who faces displacement, trauma

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Enron was formed through the merger of Houston Natural Gas of Houston (HNG), Texas and InterNorth. Houston natural gas covered the Florida and California market, their pipelines running from east to west and InterNorth catered the Iowa and Minnesota market, their pipelines running from north to south. HNG was formed in 1920, providing gas to retail customers in Houston. The company sold its retail gas business in 1920 and ventured into the gas exploration and production business. In the year 1984, HNG had $3.7 billion in assets, over $2 billion in sales and booked profits of $123 million. InterNorth was a natural pipeline company located in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1984 InterNorth had revenues of $7.5 billion. The reason behind the merger was that InterNorth faced the threat of a buyout by corporate raiders as it had low debt and high revenues. The conservative operations and low debt of InterNorth made it a target for corporate raiders who planned to use its cash reserves and borrowing capacity to extract funds for themselves. On the other hand HNG Company had borrowed heavily to expand its pipelines in the Florida and California markets. Therefore merging with Houston Natural Gas made perfect sense as it fended off corporate raiders. In May 1984 InterNorth acquired HNG for $2.4 billion, under the leadership of Sam Segnar who was the CEO of InterNorth at that time. The negotiations for HNG were handled by John Wing and he was able to negotiate a price for HNG shares which wereShow MoreRelatedExecutive Office Of Houston Natural Gas1689 Words   |  7 Pagescreated in 1985 when Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth merged together. Houston Natural Gas was a utility company based in Houston, Texas before being taken over by InterNorth. InterNorth was a very large energy company based out of Omaha, Nebraska. They specialized in natural gas pipelines, but also were successful in the plastic industry, coal and petroleum exploration and production. In the beginning Ken neth Lay, who was the Chief Executive Office of Houston Natural Gas, became the CEO andRead MoreThe Merger Between Houston Natural Gas Company1077 Words   |  5 Pagesback to the Omaha-based Northern Natural Gas Company, an interstate pipeline company formed in 1932. In 1979, the Northern Natural Gas Company merged under their holding company InterNorth. Accordingly, InterNorth branched into a more diversified energy company working in natural gas marketing, production, and transmission alongside plastics innovation and other energy-related products. In 1985, during the reorganization of the merger between Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth, the company namedRead MoreEnron s Of Houston Natural Gas And Omaha Based Inter North1347 Words   |  6 PagesEnron s origins date back to 1985 when it began life as an interstate pipeline company through the merger of Houston Natural Gas and Omaha-based Inter North. Kenneth Lay, the former chief executive officer of Houston Natural Gas, beca me CEO, and the next year won the post of chairman. From the pipeline sector, Enron began moving into new fields. In 1999, the company launched its broadband services unit and Enron Online, the company s website for trading commodities, which soon became the largestRead MoreThe Oil And Gas Industry1285 Words   |  6 PagesHouston, which is the fourth most populous city in the nation and the largest in the southern U.S. and Texas, has been developing strong economy, especially in oil and gas industry. During the last decades of the twentieth century, Houston focused on developing energy industry—which comprises oil and gas exploration and production, oilfield equipment manufacturing and wholesaling, and pipeline transportation. However, some economists doubt that depending on oil and gas too much could make HoustonRead MoreHistory And Formation Of Enron966 Words   |  4 PagesEnron Enron was formed through the merger of Houston Natural Gas (HNG) of Houston, Texas and InterNorth of Omaha, Nebraska. HNG covered the Florida and California market, their pipelines running from east to west. InterNorth catered the Iowa and Minnesota market, their pipelines running from north to south. HNG was formed in 1920, providing gas to retail customers in Houston. The company sold its retail gas business in 1920 and ventured into the gas exploration and production business. In the yearRead MoreEssay about Oil and Texas: A Cultural History1599 Words   |  7 PagesOil and Texas: A Cultural History Soon the 4-inch drill pipe†¦shot skyward. After the mud, water, and pipe were blown out, gas followed, but only for a short time. Then the well was very quiet. We ventured back, after our wild scramble for safety, to find things in a terrible mess...We started shoveling the mud away-when, without warning, a lot of heavy mud shot out of the well with the report of a cannon†¦In a very short time oil was going up through the top of the derricks, and rocks were beingRead MoreCorporate Fraud, Greed, Corruption, And Ethics1598 Words   |  7 Pagesbegan as Northern Natural Gas Company.1 With revenues up to $7.5, it was one of the nation s premier pipeline networks. 1 To avoid potential takeover from corporate raiders, CEO Sam Segnar looked to buy Houston Natural Gas. In May 1985 InterNorth acquire Houston Natural Gas for $2.4 billion. Houston Natural Gas was originally formed in the 1920s from the Houston Oil Co., providing gas to Houston retail customers.1 According to the Tex as State Historical Association, Houston Natural Gas had assets ofRead MoreEnron‚Äà ´s Demise ~ Where There Warning Signs?1408 Words   |  6 PagesWhere There Warning Signs? Janise Baldwin Management Decision Making-Summer 2013 C. Forest Guest July 14, 2013 Executive Summary Enron is a company which headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Enron was first headed by Samuel F. Segnar. Enron was the result of InterNorth’s acquisition of Houston Natural Gas in 1985. Under the new terms of this acquisition, the company was headed by Kenneth Lay on the first day of 1997. Enron offered employment for 20,600 employees in four major segments overRead MoreNorthern Natural Gas Company Management1225 Words   |  5 PagesCorporation was once known as Northern Natural Gas Company, Founded in 1932 in Omaha, Nebraska as a provider of natural gas. Through its early stages, Northern Natural Gas Company was unsuccessful in their business venture. They experienced problems in persuading consumers to use natural gas to heat their homes because of fear that natural gas leaks lead to explosions. Thanks to the great depression, many people were taking the risk because of how relatively cheap natural gas was. As the company’s revenuesRead MoreThe Enron Scandal And Its Impact On The Business World1320 Words   |  6 Pagestheir success, they were the top supplier of natural gas and electricity throughout America. Enron Corporation came about from a merger between Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth. Houston Natural Gas was a gas providing company formed in Houston during the 1920’s. InterNorth was a company formed in Nebraska during the 1930’s and owned one of America’s largest pipeline networks. In 1985, Sam Segnar, the CEO of InterNorth bought out Houston Natural Gas for $2.4 billion. A year later in 1986, Segnar

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Question: Discuss about theStatistical Program for Doing Ethics Technique. Answer: Introduction In the case "Statistical Program", Jean is a statistical database programmer in a company. As the company needed a large statistical program therefore, she is trying to write it. The other programmers of the company are also encouraged by the company to write in relation to their work as well as to publish the algorithms in the professional journals. Jean faced problems in the many of the parts of program, after some months of tiresome programming. The manager of Jean was not able to recognize the difficulty related to the problem. The manager wanted Jean to complete the work in next few days. Jean was having no clue to solve the problem she was facing in programming then she remembered that one of the co-worker of her had provided with the source listing which was related to current work as well as from a commercial software package which was developed at some other company. Jean studied these two of the programs and she found that she can include these codes in her program. She use d the segments of code from commercial software as well as from co-worker but she does not informed anyone in the company as well as not mentioned in documentation that she is using the segments of codes. Through this, she completed the project. The report related to the case will include the analysis of the situation and the identification of the ethical issues in the case as well as the solution for the issue will also be suggested. Analysis of the Situation using the Doing Ethics Technique The "Doing Ethics Technique" is one of the processes that are used for the purpose of analyzing the ethical issues in any type of scenario. It provides with the support to think ethically as well as help in understanding the application of the technique for the analysis in ethical manner(Simpson et al., 2003). In the case, it has been observed that Jean was facing the difficulty in the completion of the project because she was stuck in some of the parts of the programming and her manager was not recognizing the problem of Jean and wanted her to provide with the project in few days. In order to complete the project on time Jean, included some of the segments from the codes of the co-worker and the commercial software package and presented the project on time. The facts that have been found in the case are: Jean is a statistical programmer. The company wanted her to write a large statistical program. While writing the program Jean stuck in the many parts of the program. Jean was facing the problem in programming and was not able to proceed the programming further. Her manager does not recognize the difficulty she was facing because of the problem. Later she used the segments of codes from the co-worker and the commercial software package provided by the co-worker to her. She incorporated the segments of codes from the both of the work and does not mentioned in the documentation as well as not informed to anybody regarding this and completed the project. The issues that have been found in the case are: The manager of Jean was not helping or supporting her for solving her problem and expecting her to complete the project on time. Jean was using the segments of the code from the work of her co-worker as well as the commercial software package. She does not informed to anyone in the company as well as not mentions it in the documentation. The stakeholders in the case are Jean, her manager, company and co-worker. The people who are affected by the issue are: Jean: She is affected because at the time when she was facing the problem in some of the areas of the programming and her manager was not recognizing the difficulty because of the problem she was facing because she was not able to proceed the programming because of the problem. She does not get any kind of help or any kind of support for solving the problem and pressurized by the manager to complete the project in few days. As because the manger did not helped her and understood her problem she took this step that was unethical as well as can affect her image as well(Melden, 2008). The irresponsibility of the manager affected her highly and made her took the unethical step for the purpose to accomplish the project on time. Her manager: Jean did not inform even the manager that she is using the segments of codes in her own project to complete it on time. This affected the manager as he was not informed by Jean regarding the incorporation of the codes in the project and this is unethical to use the work of the others before taking the permission or mentioning the contribution of the others in the project. This affected the manager highly as under his management, the employees are conducting unethical activities in the company. Company: The company was affected by the issue in the case because the unethical activities in the company is responsible for creating an unprofessional and unethical environment in the company which might also affect the reputation of the company as well as it might also affect the other employees of the company at the same time. Jean did not inform the company that she is using the segments of codes of the work of co-worker and the commercial software package developed for other company. Apart from this, the manager had not helped Jean in solving the problem of Jean in programming. The manager had not performed his responsibility in an efficient manner. The company is highly affected as manager is not performing well as well as the employees are not following the ethics in the company which results in the development of unethical environment as well as behavior in the company(Jamieson, 2008). Co-worker: The co-worker of Jean was also affected by the issues in the case because her co-worker provided her with the commercial software package of another company as well as provided her with his work as well. He provided it to her as he was co-worker of Jean. This developed a feeling of distrust in the co-worker as well as Jean has not mentioned his name for the contribution in the project. This affected the co-worker moderately and developed distrust for Jean as she used his work and did not even mentioned his contribution. The ethical issues that have been identified in the case are: The unethical activity was conducted by Jean for the sake of completing the project which was incorporation of the code segments from commercial software and the work of her co-worker. She did not informed to anyone in the company as well as not mentions in documentation that she is using the codes in her own project. Her manager did not help her for solving her problem and asked to provide him with the project in few days. He did not perform his responsibility effectively and did not follow the ethics being a manager in the company. In context to the classical ethical theory, the deontology theory of ethics can be said as suitable to the case as Jean has used the work of the co-worker and the segments of code from the commercial software package. She has taken the step to do so because, she was in pressure to complete the project on time. Her manager was not recognizing the difficulty because of the problem in programming. The deontology theory of ethics defines that the person has to perform his or her duty as it is compulsory to do so(, 2016)(McCartney Parent, 2017). In order to show the positive attitude towards the work, it is essential for a person to follow the obligation and the duties(Cline, 2017). In this case, Jean was responsible to provide the manager with the project on time and in order to accomplish her project on time, make use of the segments of code from the work of the co-worker as well as the commercial software package. This helped her to complete the project and provide the man ager with the project on time. Apart from this, the method was unethical as she used the segments of code without informing anyone in the company and did not mention it as well in the documentation. The ethics says that if a person is using the work of any other person then there is a need to inform and mention the contribution of the person in the project as Jean was able to accomplish the project on time because she used the codes(Mayhew, 2017). The issues affected the co-worker of Jean, manager and the company as well. The co-worker was affected by this as it was his work that was used by Jean in the programming and she was not aware about this that his work was used by jean as well as his name was not mentioned in the documentation. The issue created an unethical environment in the company. The manager was also affected as he noticed the employees are conducting the unethical activities in the company under his management. This issue arises because he did not give importance to her problem and did not help her in solving her problem(Birsch, 2013). For the purpose to resolve the issues of the case, it is essential to consult the code of ethics of the company for the formal guidance. The sharing of the issue with the supervisor can help in resolving the issue as he/she will be able to take advantage of the experience in resolving the same(ICAEW, 2017). Discussing the ethical issue with the other executives of the company will help in making the decision and they can also help in making you understand the challenges to the ethical issues. The other perspective for resolving the issues is to check whether there is any kind of the issue that has been faced by the company in the previous years and how it was handled(Ingram, 2017). These methods can help in resolving the issue. As the issue states Jean and the manager both as the responsible people for the issue then it should be considered to make sure that these issues might not occur in future(Haydon, 2006). The three options through which the ethical issue can be resolved are: In order to solve the issue, it should be suggested to Jean to mention the name of the Co-worker for contributing in completing project on time. This can help in resolving the issue as through this, Jean will be able to remain ethically right as well as it will help in reducing the chances of developing the feeling of distrust in co-worker towards Jean. The second option for solving the issue can be that the company should ask Jean, the reason for conducting the unethical activity, this will also consider the irresponsibility of manager towards the employees and the company can mention the name of the co-worker in the completion of the project by Jean(Bigg Success, 2008). The third option can be that the company can restrict the manager from the provided authority for some time as penalty for not supporting the employees. Jean should be warned for conducting the unethical activity in the company and should comply with the ethics of the company. The co-worker should be rewarded for his good work(Schreiner, 2017). The third option is the best option because restricting the manager from his authority will make him understand his fault. Warning Jean to follow the ethics of the company will not reduce the chances of the occurrence of such issues in the future. Awarding the co-worker will help in boosting the confidence of the co-worker to perform well. It is also important to warn the manager and Jean as well regarding their activities(Tallant, 2011). As the deontology theory of ethics was followed by Jean in order to accomplish the task but it was not right ethically because it affected the co-worker as well as the company(McDunnigan, 2017). In order to perform such actions, it is essential to inform the company and mention in the documentation. Analysis of the situation from the point of view of an ICT Professional using the ACS Code of Ethics As per the ACS Code of Ethics, It is essential to understand the people who are affected by the work, give due regards to the person, increase the satisfaction of the person who are affected by the work, encourage the colleagues and the employees for developing the professionalism, give credits to the others for their work, accept the responsibility of work, not misrepresent the skills and the knowledge and should enhance the integrity of the profession of information technology(, 2017) (McDermid, 2015). An ICT professional complies with the code of ethics and respects the profession of information technology as well as always encourages the other to follow the code of ethics(McDermid, 2015). In this case, it has been found that Jean used the segments of code from the work of Co-worker as well as used the segments of code from the commercial software package which was developed for some other company. In the IT profession, it is not ethical to make use of the work of the others without their consideration or mentioning their names in the contribution as this is not ethical to not give the credit of the work to person who has done the work(Rockenbach Mendina, 2002). It is mentioned in the case that jean used the codes without informing the company which is ethically not right. On the other hand, it has been found in the case that the manager of Jane did not helped her when Jean was stuck in the programming and was not able to proceed further because of the problem in programming. The manager did not play his role in an efficient manner as according to ACS Code of Ethics, it is the responsibility of the person to encourage, support and help the employees. The manager did not comply with the rules and the responsibility; therefore he is also stated as the defaulter along with Jane. Through this case, it can be stated the ethics were not followed by both Jean and manager which affected the company and the co-worker as well as affected the environment of company. In order to resolve the issues, it is essential to encourage the employees and the managers to follow the code of ethics in order to maintain the environment of ethics in the company(Burmeister, 2014). In order to resolve the issue, there is a need to warn the employee not to conduct such unethical activity and comply with the code of ethics as it is their responsibility to maintain the environment of ethics in the company. The company can also punish the employee for conducting the unethical activity in the company(Leicester, 2016). Conclusion It has been analyzed through the both of the analysis that Jean has conducted unethical activity in the company as well as the manager did not perform his responsibility efficiently. This affected the company as well as the co-worker of the company. It is essential to mention and inform to the company while using the work of others as it is ethically correct. The company should take the actions that is best and can do justice to all the stakeholders of the company. As Jean performed the unethical activity for the sake of providing the manager with the project on time but it was not right ethically. Recommendations The company should provide the training as well as encourage to the employee of the company so that the ethical environment can be maintained. It is essential for the managers to support the employees and guide them at the time when they face some problems. The company should not tolerate the unethical activities in the organization. In order to resolve the issue, the company should inquire the whole issue. The decision should be taken while following the ethics. References Bigg Success, 2008. 3 Steps to Solve an Ethical Dilemma. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 2017]. Birsch, D., 2013. Introduction to Ethical Theories: A Procedural Approach. Waveland Press. Burmeister, O.K., 2014. ACS Code of Professional Conduct Professional Standards Board Australian Computer Society. Cline, A., 2017. Deontology and Ethics. Thoughtco. Haydon, G., 2006. Education, Philosophy and the Ethical Environment. Routledge. ICAEW, 2017. Framework for resolving ethical problems. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 2017]. Ingram, D., 2017. How to Resolve Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace. Hearst Newspapers. Jamieson, D., 2008. Ethics and the Environment: An Introduction. Cambridge University Press. Leicester, N., 2016. Ethics in the IT Profession: Does a Code of Ethics have an Effect on Professional Behaviour?. Mayhew, R., 2017. How to Handle Ethical Issues in the Workplace. Hearst Newspapers. McCartney, S. Parent, R., 2017. Ethics in Law Enforcement. McDermid, D., 2015. Ethics in ICT: An Australian Perspective. Pearson Higher Education AU. McDunnigan, M., 2017. Techniques Used to Solve Ethical Dilemmas. Leaf Group Ltd. Melden, A.I., 2008. Ethical Theories. Read Books. Rockenbach, B. Mendina, T., 2002. Ethics and Electronic Information: A Festschrift for Stephen Almagno. McFarland. Schreiner, E., 2017. 7 Guidelines for Making Ethical Decisions. Hearst Newspapers. Simpson, C., Nevile, L. Burmeister, O., 2003. Doing Ethics: A Universal Technique in an Accessibility Context. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 10(2)., 2016. Deontological Ethics. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Tallant, J., 2011. Procedural Justice Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. GRIN Verlag., 2017. Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics.